Offline and Non Paying Crypto Sites

Here is a list of Bitcoin and other Crypto sites that are offline, scams, discontinued, no longer working or paying out users.

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  • Free BTC For All

    Come to this site every 30 minutes and submit your Bitcoin Wallet address for free Bitcoins paid out every 24 hours.

    Amount: Not Listed
  • The Bitcoin Me

    Enter your Bitcoin address in the box, fill out the captcha and click submit for free bitcoins sent right to your Wallet.

    Amount: Not Listed
  • The Free Bitcoins

    On this page you will find a list of links to sites giving out free BitCoin. For the best results visit the pages as frequently as often to boost your free BitCoin income.

    Amount: 1.5 µBTC
  • El Bitcoin Gratis

    This is a Spanish website about Bitcoins with a Free Bitcoins Faucet on the homepage. Just enter your Bitcoin address and the Captcha for free Bitcoins.

    Amount: Not Listed

    Another free Bitcoin faucet that allows submits every 30 minutes. Payments are sent out daily.

    Amount: Not Listed
  • Free Bitcoins

    You can visit this faucet every half hour for free Bitcoins. Submit your Bitcoin address for free coins paid out daily.

    Amount: 1 µBTC

    A popular free Bitcoin website that allows Bitcoin requests every 30 minutes. You will be paid out at the end of the day based on the amount of submits. They also have other freebies like animated GIFS.

    Amount: Not Listed
  • Faucet BTC

    A reliable Bitcoin Faucet that you can submit your Address to every 30 minutes. They send payments every 24-48 hours depending on how many times you request Bitcoins.

    Amount: Not Listed
  • BTC 4 You

    Fill out the form on the site with your Bitcoin Wallet Address and submit up to 12 times per day for Free Bitcoins.

    Amount: Not Listed
  • Virtual Faucet

    A Free Online Bitcoins Faucet that lets you submit your Bitcoin address every half hour. Payments are sent out every 24 hours or so.

    Amount: Not Listed
  • Bitcoins 4 Me

    A generous Hourly Bitcoins Faucet that lets you store your earnings in a MoneyBox so you can save on transaction fees. Cashout at any time or receive instant payouts.

    Amount: 0.000001 BTC
  • Red Coins

    A popular Free Bitcoins Faucet that allows one Bitcoin request per hour and pays out at the end of the Week.

    Amount: not Listed
  • Bit Hits

    Submit your Bitcoin Address up to 3 times per day for free Bitcoins. They also have a nice list of free Bitcoin faucets and other offers.

    Amount: 2 uBTC
  • Net Lookup

    Add your Bitcoin Address to the database at least twice a week for a chance to win Free Bitcoins. You can submit once every day for the most chances to Win.

    Amount: Not Listed
  • Coin Ticket

    Redeem free daily tickets for Bitcoins straight to your wallet. Just enter your wallet address in the box every 24 hours and you will receive your Bitcoins paid out weekly.

    Amount: 1 µBTC to 10 µBTC
  • Bunny Run 4 BTC Bunny Run

    A unique twist on your average Bitcoin faucet that lets you pick 1 of 4 Bunnies when you submit your Bitcoin Address. If your Bunny wins the race you will receive even more Free Bitcoins.

    Amount: Up to 0.01mBtc
  • Free Bitcoins! Free Bitcoins

    Enter the Captcha Code and your Bitcoin Wallet Address for free Bitcoins paid out every Day! Great website if you’re just starting out with Bitcoins.

    Amount: 0.00005 BTC

Earning Sites

  • Free BTC

    Sign-up for Free BTC and get a new account bonus. Earn Bitcoins by completing easy offers like solving captchas, free downloads, surveys, website reviews, watching videos and more! Instant payout with generous referral program.

    Payouts: Instant
  • I Want Free Bitcoins

    A very good Free Bitcoin Offers site that pays Bitcoins for taking surveys, playing Facebook and IPhone games, android games and many more.

    Payouts: Hourly
  • 4BC Network

    Earn Bitcoins and a variety of popular Alt-coins surfing websites, watching videos plus get referral commissions for upgrades.

    Payouts: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BikerCoin, USD
  • Earn Crypto

    You can really earn a lot of coins with this site taking surveys, completing offers and referring new users. Convert your points into Bitcoins and other Alt coins.

    Payouts: Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins and more
  • Clicks For BTC

    Brand NEW PTC Site for Bitcoins with bonus offers, Ad Grid, paid to sign up and more.

    Payouts: Bitcoin
  • Clix Trust

    Lots of earning options including paid signup, PTC ads, referral bonuses and more. Upgrade your account for even more earnings. Top paying site you can cash out in Bitcoin or Cash!

    Payouts: Bitcoin, Cash
    • Bit To Click

      Highly recommended Bitcoin advertising network with Pay-Per-Click, Banner and Text ad options. Earn ad views for surfing Bitcoin sites or purchase Ad credits to place an Ad.

      Ad Types: PPC, Banner, Text Ads
    • Bit Visitor

      Bit Visitor is by far one of the top Free Bitcoin sites that pays Bitcoins for viewing advertiser websites. It’s quick and easy to get started and they offer some of the highest rates for viewing Ads.

      Payouts: Hourly
    • Coin profit

      The world’s largest Bitcoin casino has simply the best affiliate program for Gambling and gaming traffic. With high commissions and payouts, this referral program is highly recommended.

      Commission: 40%


    • Golden CowsNot Recommended

      Buy Cows and produce milk to sell for Gold. Exchange Gold for Bitcoins. Play games against other players for Gold or invest for more earnings.

      Payouts: 2000 Gold = 1 mBTC
    • Satoshi CircleSERVICE DOWN

      Play this very addicting Casino-style Wheel game that pays out Rewards and Prizes for each Spin. Enter in their Monthly Draw for even more chances to win free Bitcoins.

      Payouts: Instant
    • High/Low Card

      Choose whether you think the next card will be Higher or Lower than the previous to win Bitcoins. Stop and take your winnings at any time! Fair verifiable gameplay with excellent bonus structure.

      Payouts: Instant
    • Bitcoin 2048

      Play this fun free Bitcoin game to try and multiply your numbers to reach 2048. The higher you get the more BTC you win!

      Payouts: Up to 1 BTC!

      Earn FREE Bitcoins, Litecoins and other cryptocurrencies daily on auto-pilot! Refer new members for even more bonuses and earnings.

      Amount: Random BTC
    • Ore MineSERVICE DOWN

      Generate FREE Bitcoins with your own Bitcoin mine. Upgrade your mine for increased earnings.

      Payouts: Bitcoin
    • Land of BitcoinSERVICE DOWN

      Earn from over 70+ Free Bitcoin Faucets and earning sources directly to your Microwallet account. Huge collection of the highest paying Bitcoin sites and reviews. Refer your friends for even more earnings.

      Amount: Variety
    • Bitcoin ZebraSERVICE DOWN

      Get free Bitcoins every day plus entries into drawings and other prizes. Multiply your wins and earn bonuses for telling your friends!

      Amount: Random BTC


    • BC Casino

      With Over 100+ Casino Games this is by far one of the biggest Bitcoin Casinos online. Sign-up now for a 20% Bonus and start playing today.

      Games: Table Games, Slots, X-MEN, Gladiator
    • Free Bitcoin LotterySERVICE DOWN

      One of the few Bitcoin lottery sites that is free to play and win BTC! Choose your lucky numbers and if they match the picks you can win up to 10000 μBTC!

      Payouts: Instant
    • Bit MillionairesSERVICE DOWN

      Awesome new Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum and Litecoin Lottery that gives away free tickets every day and upgrades for more prizes. Check it out!

      Amount: Up to $1 Million
    • BitMillionsSERVICE DOWN

      Play this Bitcoin Lottery with some of the biggest Jackpots for as low as 0.01 BTC. Win as much as 1000+ BTC for matching only 4 numbers!

      Payouts: Instant
    • Satoshi LotterySERVICE DOWN

      Buy tickets for Satoshi Lottery’s big prize pool drawings for as low as 0.01 BTC. Live drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 9 PM ET. You can also purchase tickets through Seals With Clubs username SWC_Mastodon.

      Payouts: BTC, SWC Chips

    Cloud Mining

    • Bit Miner

      Very profitable Bitcoin Mining game with different payout levels and referral bonuses. Optional instant payments and excellent earning rates.

      Payouts: Bitcoin
    • Cloud Mining

      Buying Cloud Mining shares is one of the best ways to start mining without a Mining rig or hardware. Start mining Bitcoins right away and sell your shares later for a profit.

      Payouts: Daily
    • PB Mining

      Buy no-hassle 5-year mining contracts at the lowest prices available. Manage your purchases from the dashboard and receive automated payments. 100% insured and all energy costs are covered.

      Payouts: Daily

      Scrypt is one of the longest running hash-rate providers for scrypt-mining alt-coins. They have been consistent in payouts and earnings, and offer quality customer support.

      Payouts: Instant
    • Mine Gate

      Three data centers with latest german ASIC Miners;
      Return of investment within 120 days. Free 50GH/s to every user! The first eco sustainable mining cloud.

      Payouts: Bitcoin, Alt coins
    • Cloud Mining

      Refer new users to this Cloud Mining network and earn free Gigahashes to mine with. Cash out for real Bitcoins or trade for other alt currencies.

      Payouts: Instant


    • Cryptsy ExchangeSERVICE DOWN

      The premier exchange for Bitcoin and alternate cryptocurrencies. The largest selection of Alt-coins for trade.

      Payments: Bitcoins, Alt-Coins, LTC, XRP, WDC, etc.


    • AIM BTC

      When you get to that point in life when you’ve made your money and then find yourself thinking about how to invest it, that’s when you need us. Earn stable hourly income on your investments in Bitcoin markets.

      Investments: Mining, Trading
    • Bitcoin Pyramid

      Place a permanent Text Ad and Link for free. The more you deposit into the Ad’s Bitcoin Address the more times it will be show on the website.

      Ad Types: Text Ad, Link
    • Crypto City

      New Bitcoin game where you buy and build buildings and earn money for your properties. Invest in new structures, refer new players for extra bonuses.

      Games: Built Cities
    • Bitcoin Pyramid

      The oldest running Bitcoin Pyramid site online since 2011! You can start for free or deposit more for higher random payments and commissions.

      Payments: Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin Matrix BTC Matrix

      Pay a one-time membership fee and get a lifetime Banner advertisement on the site plus generous referral bonuses when members sign-up under you.

      Ad Types: Banner
    • Bit Millionaires

      Awesome new Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum and Litecoin Lottery that gives away free tickets every day and referral bonuses. Check it out!

      Amount: Up to $1 Million
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