Tips for Newbies getting Started with Bitcoin

It can be hard at first trying to acquire Bitcoins especially if you have no money to invest. The good news is you got on board the Bitcoin train before 99% of the rest of the world, and there is plenty of time left to get BTC. One day 1 mBTC might be worth $1000 who knows? 😀

Here are my recommended steps for getting started:

1. Open a free wallet
Tip: Be sure to backup your wallet

2. Create multiple Paper Wallets from
Tip: Open site in Private/Incognito window, unplug internet, print paper wallets, close browser, restart computer. Done!
Send Bitcoins to your Paper Wallet from time to time as a Savings account/Cold Storage. (DON’T LOSE YOUR PAPER WALLETS)

3. Buy whatever amount of Bitcoins you can afford from or a nearby Bitcoin ATM
Tip: Take a picture of the QR code for your Receive address or bring with you one of your paper wallets. Use a free Blockchain app or address checker app to verify the funds are received if using an ATM. If you sent the Bitcoins to your paper wallet, you can import the Private Key into your wallet. I recommend investing a small amount if this is your first purchase, maybe $5-$20.

4. Find Free No Deposit bonuses from reputable Bitcoin Casinos
I won 50 mBTC from 20 free spins, but you have to bet a certain amount to unlock the withdrawal. If you are lucky you can win big without having to make a deposit. Here are our favorite casinos, but understand gambling is risky and you will likely lose whatever you deposit.

5. Start using Free Bitcoin Faucets and Bitcoin Pay-To-Click websites to earn free Bitcoins.
Tip: Sign up for the top paying PTC sites, and use a portion of your earnings to place ads with your referral links.
Over time you will build up referrals to faucets, ptc sites and casinos and receive recurring payments.
Tip2: Import a Private Key from one of your Paper wallets to your wallet for Faucet payments, so you do not clog up your main address with micro-payments.

6. It’s a no-brainer to utilize Signature Campaigns when starting new on BitcoinTalk.
Tip: Be sure to put effort into making quality contributions with your posts and topics.
Tip2: After you build up enough Bitcoins, you can swap out your Signature Campaigns for Referral links on your top paying affiliate programs. You will earn much more in the long run with referral commissions than signature campaign payments.

7. Find out what your are Passionate about and sell your products/services for BTC.
Tip: Whatever it is that you are gifted at or interested in, you can turn that into Bitcoin. If you are a writer then you can write articles, press releases, reviews, etc. for Bitcoins. If you are a designer then sell graphics. If you like to make things then get to making! Here is a site you can sell products and another one to sell services for BTC.

8. Start a Blog and link to all your best Bitcoin affiliate programs.
Tip: You can start a website using free services, or buy hosting through Godaddy. If you are using a free website service like Wix it is recommended to buy a domain name anyway for $10 and forward to your free website. That way you can advertise your domain name and redirect the traffic if you build another website later.

Other Misc Tips:

1. Only Gamble/Trade/Invest/Risk small portions of your Bankroll (1% – 5%)
Time after time it has been proven that HOLDING your BTC is better than trying to profit with it.
Also if you make a mistake you won’t lose it all

2. Try to buy little BTC here and there. It all adds up and could eventually 1000x it’s value.

It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but you’ll find that Bitcoin is very practical and helpful in getting you in control of your money.

Feel free to add your own tips to the comments. Good luck!

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  • Sherin Sanchez

    hi i have checked all this wallets but i use bitroz wallet it also a good place to store bitcoins safely why you have not mention it ?

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    How can I join please?

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